How to order Bridesmaids Dresses


Ordering gowns for your ladies in much more time intensive than ordering your own gown and requires some major organization of all the details.  Let our excellently trained staff walk you through the process and keep all the details aligned. 

 For now, let me outline the way we approach the "average" bridal party.  If you are the only bridesmaid looking for a dress through Camarillo Bridal, skip to the bottom!

 Appointment #1: Choosing the Gown(s)

Bring yourself and a trusted (rational) friend to your appointment along with an idea of what you are wanting for your bridesmaids.  Your gown stylist will walk you through all the major ordering criteria:

- Shipping Dates: We ask for 20 WEEKS to order bridesmaids dresses.  We wait until we have received the order from each of you bridesmaids so they are cut from the same dye lot ensuring color uniformity.  Some designers do offer a rush, but keep in mind that it will cost extra to do so.  Trust your Stylist!  They want to make sure the gowns are here in plenty of time!

- Color: Every designer offers each of their gowns in about 50 different be prepared to check out some swatches!  If you have a specific color that you are wanting do bring an example of that for us to work from.  After your gowns are purchased we can usually give you a swatch to take with you in your wedding planning.

- Fabric: There are many fabric options and even fabric changes available. 

- Style: Are you wanting them all in the same dress same color, or different dresses same color, or same dresses different colors, or even different dresses different colors!?  Work through the whole decision with your Stylist to best dress your wedding!


Appointment #2:

Now that you've chosen the gown(s) you can set an appointment to bring in some or all of your ladies to see (or choose!) a gown and submit their orders.  We don't have to do all of them at the same time...they can even come in at their convenience.

 What about out of town bridesmaids?!  We can absolutely do that.  All we need is their measurements and we can place the order over the phone.  We'll do all of the paperwork through e-mail.  Ask us more about this option in your appointment.


Appointment #3:

Now the gowns are here!  We will call you, the bride, directly to let you know that they have arrived!  After that it's up to you to let the girls know that their gowns are in the store and that they have 10 business days to come pick up their gowns.


Single Bridesmaids Orders:

Sometimes you're in a wedding that's in Maine, or Kentucky, or like...Scotland.  And you need to buy the bridesmaid gown but the rest of the party is all ordering through a store there and you're like, "GREAT.  Now what?!"  We gotchu girl.  We can absolutely offer you two different solutions based on your needs.  Please be ready to provide the date the gown is needed by as this is the numero uno important piece of information.

Option #1: Ordering On Your Own at Camarillo Bridal

Set up your appointment for us to measure and size you professionally, then order your bridesmaids dress - independently from the rest of the bridal party.  Easy.

Option #2: Professional Fitting

You know that you need the Alfred Angelo 7172 in Eggplant and the bride wants you to order the dress through the bridal store in Charlotte N.C..  But you live in Ventura.  For $25 we offer a Professional Fitting that provides you:

1) The opportunity to try the gown on

1) Your measurements

2) The size closest to your shape

3) A list of seamstresses

4) We give you your measurements along with the size you and your stylist chose so you are equipped to place the order with the location of your choice.

Congratulations! You successfully navigated bridesmaidsing!

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